Restoration Time?

We can take that old clunker and turn it into a functional, esthetically pleasing technically advanced pleasure to own.

We offer complete pool and spa restoration services from simple deck repair or tile replacement to structural repairs and alterations. Add a spa or waterfall, change your 8’ deep diving pool to a 5’ deep recreational pool. Leaky pool or plumbing – no problem we have leak detecting equipment and even scuba diving technicians who can sort out problems and even with a full pool.

Complete Restoration:

We can remove your deck, tile, old metal piping and plaster. Let us give that old clunker a whole new life and update it’s technical capability by 30 years. With today’s technology your pool can cost a lot less to operate while it can be left on autopilot and get that maintenance nightmare off your hands. Interior finishes from simple plaster to the newest and smoothest pebble finishes to an all tile interior.

What is your flavor!!!!!